What Makes Cooktop and Rangetop Different?

April 18, 2022

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If you are looking for a cooking appliance that is professionally graded, the Viking appliance is the top choice. Their products are made from high-quality materials that make them durable and with features that provide a lot of advantages when it comes to the cooking experience. Viking also has different types of rangetops available, and you can choose from them. One of these is the Viking rangetop 7 series.

But, even high-end appliances such as the Viking rangetops are also prone to some issues. Although it rarely happens, it is vital to have a reliable rangetops repair that you can rely on. Whether it is a minor or a complicated situation, Viking professional service in Anaheim is here to help. The team of professionally trained repair technicians with years of experience in handling different repair needs of a Viking appliance. Trustworthy service and durable repairs ensure that you will have your cooking routine back on track.

With the availability of different kitchen appliances in the market, you may hear about cooktops. You may wonder, what’s the difference between the cooktop and the rangetops? Are they different from each other? The two appliances have some differences. Knowing them helps you decide which cooking appliance would be best for you.

Typically, the common size of a rangetop or cooktop is 30″ or 36,” and some appliance brands can make much smaller to bigger sizes of the appliance. This will also depend on the counter space and how much you will need to use the appliance for cooking. Rangetop is usually fueled by gas ( natural or propane), while the cooktop can be fueled by gas, electric or induction.

Cooktops are also referred to as drop-in cooktops placed in the existing or a cutout in the countertop with a surrounding countertop. The knobs or the touch controls can be positioned on top of the counter, too, and this is an ideal option for families with children since the controls are on the top, and it would be hard to reach for children. Another advantage of a cooktop is it gives more cabinet space, and a glass cooktop can be much easier to clean. At the same time, you are also limited with the cooking area on a cooktop. On the other hand, the rangetop is built into the countertop and the cabinet. This extends from the rear of the counter to the front. The unit is deeper, and it also takes more cabinet space. Its knobs are in front of the unit like the knobs of the range. With this, you will have more cooking surface area compared to the cooktop. Another advantage of this is that it has higher BTU output and is more flexible since you can set each burner to as low as simmer to high heat. With the rangetop, you will also have other cooktop options like grill or griddle.

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Both cooktops and rangetops have their advantages, and it depends on your needs in the kitchen. Choosing the right cooking appliance comes down to understanding their differences and deciding which one best suits your needs.

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