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March 29, 2022

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Viking Corporation is an American appliance manufacturer that produces kitchen appliances for both domestic and commercial usage. It is not to be confused with Eaton’s “house brand” of appliances, which went bankrupt in 1999 and adopted the name “Viking” With the release of the first professional-grade range for home use in 1987, Viking established the “professional” class of kitchen equipment. Today, the firm sells three entire lines of high-end appliances, including cooking, ventilation, kitchen cleaning, and refrigeration, as well as a variety of outdoor products.

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If your cooktop is having trouble holding down the set temperature, here are the possible reasons.

Broken Knobs

A damaged knob is a typical cause of a non-adjustable Viking Electric stove burner.

The burner control switch is turned on by the stove burner knobs. The temperature of the burner may then be adjusted using the knobs. When a control knob breaks, it’s conceivable that nothing is wrong with the switch; it’s simply that the knob isn’t adjusting it properly. The first thing you should do is clean your control knobs if they aren’t clearly cracked or damaged.

When rotating the burner control switch, food particles and other debris might clog the knob. Warm water and soap are used to clean the stove knobs. Allow the knobs to dry completely before replacing them on the electric stove.

If cleaning the knobs does not resolve the problem, a new Viking stove knob may be required. Replacing the broken knob with a new one should hopefully fix the problem.

Malfunctioning Burner Control Switch

A burner control switch is included on all Viking electric stoves. The burner control switch is what regulates how hot the stove burners are. You often have the choice of setting a burner to ‘low,”medium-low,”medium,”medium-high,’ and ‘high’ heat, as well as fine-tuning the temperature between these settings.

Viking stove burner control switches can be tricky to troubleshoot. Remove the burner control switch and test it with a multimeter to see whether it’s broken. Alternatively, the burner may remain at an extremely high temperature, making it hard to cook anything without it being burned.

Testing the Wiring

When the electric stove burner wire wears out or becomes scorched, it’s typically an indication that there’s a significant problem with the device. This indicates that the electrical connection between the burner control switch and the burner has failed. The temperature of your Viking electric stove burner will not alter in this instance. In fact, you’ll probably be unable to turn the burner on at all.

Remove the burner from your electric stove and use a voltmeter to test the wiring for the cause. If you have faulty wiring, it’s preferable to get an expert to fix it. However, you may be able to see the damage where the burner attaches to the stove.

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Where are Viking Cooktops made?

Viking produces professional-style kitchen appliances, including refrigerators to match their other renowned ranges in Greenwood, Mississippi.

If you believe a short in your Viking cooktop wiring is causing it to malfunction, contact a professional repair as soon as possible. The greatest thing you can do is keep your Viking cooktop in good working order. Dealing with a repair specialist will assist you in detecting possible problems before they become major difficulties.

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