9 Common Reasons Why Your Viking Ice Maker Is Not Working And How To Fix It!

April 4, 2022

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Ice makers, particularly Viking ones, are just like any other appliance. They tend to break down or slow when they are not properly maintained or often neglected. Fortunately for you, our San Francisco Viking professional appliance repair services team is here to get all of your problems covered. We have a great team that can take care of just any of your Viking ice maker issues!

Rest confident that all of your Viking ice maker concerns, big or small, will be solved the first time correctly with our team of professionals. Our qualified ice maker repair experts can assist you in troubleshooting and repairing your Viking appliances.

A lot of factors can cause an ice maker to stop working. Before you call a professional to repair your ice maker, the technician will need to know what type you have.

1. Water Hose Kinked

Your ice maker won’t be able to get the water it requires if the water hose is kinked or knotted. Consult your Viking owner’s manual for the best way to access this component before attempting to straighten it up yourself.

2. Control Arm Out of Position

Many ice producers incorporate a control arm that activates a pause option when the ice bin is full. The control arm may have been shifted or slipped off by accident, causing the ice maker to stop working. Check the owner’s manual for details on the pause option and ensure it isn’t turned on.

3. Clogged Filter

Filters that are not maintained according to manufacturer specifications are prone to clogging. Locate the filter and inspect it for debris using the owner’s manual.

4. Clogged or broken water inlet valve

The placement of the water inlet valve varies by brand. However, water inlet valves for Kenmore and Whirlpool ice makers are commonly found behind your refrigerator. Unplug the refrigerator and turn off the water supply to the valve before inspecting it. Check to see if the screen, or filter, is clogged with debris once you’ve found the valve. Check if the line feeding the valve is bulging or obstructed by a bracket.

5. Dusty Condenser Coils

You might not think to address the coils in the back of the appliance when the problem is with the ice maker at the front while tackling this Viking fridge repair. Compressor coils clogged with dust can prevent your freezer from reaching its optimal temperature. If you don’t want to open the fridge and inspect it for yourself, you can typically confirm the issue by looking in the ice bin for any water. You’ll have to remove your refrigerator and clean the coils nonetheless if there are.

6. Ice Maker Not Making Ice

After eliminating all of the possibilities, a frozen water line could be the reason. Unplug the refrigerator and cut off the water supply line if you find a frozen line. A hair dryer can be used to thaw the line. To avoid electrical shock, keep the hair drier above the water source.

You should be able to hear the water pouring into the ice maker after thawing after the electricity is restored and the water line is switched on. It’s time to call an ice maker repair service if you don’t hear water running or the water is discolored.

7. Water Line Is Turned Off or Clogged

There is a water supply line on every ice maker. Ensure the water supply valve isn’t blocked or shut off by a bracket or fastening.

8. Ice Maker Frozen

Ensure your thermostat is set to the manufacturer’s recommended temperature as specified in your owner’s manual. Water will freeze before it reaches the mold if set too low.

These ice maker troubleshooting methods may help you avoid that repair call, whether you have a side-by-side refrigerator, an armoire-style refrigerator, or a traditional freezer-on-top model.

9. Thermostat Is Set Too Low

The entire ice maker may be affected if the thermostat is set too low, causing water to freeze before reaching the ice-making mold. A manufacturer-recommended temperature should be listed in your owner’s manual.

It can be tough to find a dependable ice maker service provider. If you need someone responsible who can provide long-term solutions at a reasonable price, contact Viking Professional Services. We use innovative repair technologies to stay up with the ever-changing ways of appliance repair.

To avoid problems in the future, we always use original Viking components that are compatible with your appliances. You can check out the Viking Professional Services website; read our FAQs if you want to know more!

When you contact us for ice maker repair, you can rest assured that you will receive top-notch service at a reasonable price.

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